Enfinity's proposition

What’s Enfinity’s proposition?

We want to rent your rooftop – to locate our solar panels for the purpose of generating green electricity. 

What else?
  • We will finance the whole project.
  • In return we will pay the building owner a rent for the roof space.
  • We will also offer the building user very competitively priced electricity.
  • Any excess electricity will be injected into the public grid or differently according to your country's rules & regulations.
Guaranteed project deliverables?
  • Accurate and reliable revenue modelling
  • Careful structural analysis by qualified engineers
  • Technology best suited for each building
  • Project management that can navigate change
  • Array design that optimizes power production

Renting rooftops is a lucrative way for building owners to participate in the green energy economy – with no capital outlay or risk. Enfinity becomes the direct and exclusive manager of each solar installation, responsible for all funding, inspections, permitting, development, installation, operation, maintenance, insurances and warranty.

Enfinity assumes all development and operating risk. It is a WIN WIN.

What do I need to do? Very little, we do 90% of the work. Here’s the process 

  • Sign a agreement with Enfinity.
  • Enfinity designs the project and obtains planning consent
  • Enfinity finances and builds the complete project
  • FIT accreditation
  • Grid connection, your rooftop is ready for electricity production