Enfinity opens office in Indonesia

The international renewable energy company Enfinity has announced the opening of its Indonesia office in Jakarta. Indonesia is a highly attractive market for Enfinity for the development of large solar energy projects.


10 years of proven track record

Enfinity is an ambitious company with international activities in solar energy. Enfinity develops, finances and operates photovoltaic solar energy plants. Besides its own project development, Enfinity sells integrated solar installations to companies and individuals. Starting off in Belgium, Enfinity has projects and clients in various countries in Europe, North America and Asia. Enfinity today has a total installed capacity of over 600MWp and is firmly established as an important player in the field of solar energy development.


Sunny conditions for Indonesia

Indonesia offers interesting growth opportunities for the solar industry thanks to its fast growing economy, good solar irradiance, energy deficiency and the large population.


The Indonesian Government is considering new steps to increase procurement of renewable energy as part of measures to achieve its stated renewable energy targets. Indonesia has announced a medium-term target for increasing the share of renewable energy in total energy use to 25% by 2025, and furthermore set a target to increase the share of renewable energy in total energy mix to 19% by 2019.

The share of renewable energy in Indonesia’s total energy use, at present, stands at around 5% to 6%. Indonesia’s importance as a solar market looks set to grow following the announcement of a 5 GW goal at the Bali Clean Energy Forum early 2016. At the event, Indonesia’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Sudirman Said, launched a centre of excellence for clean energy “to accelerate the development of renewable energy, up to 23% of the national energy mix by 2025.” For the next four years, he announced, the centre will “support the development of the 35 MW electrification programs, of which 25% or about 8.8 GW will come from renewable energy."


Indonesia is a populous country whose economy is amongst the brighter performers in Asia. Yet, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), of its population of 250 million, 82 million people (around a 33% share of population) do not have access to electricity and 124 million (around a 50% share of population) rely on the traditional use of biomass for cooking.

Good solar irradiation (Indonesia is an equatorial country) and continuously falling photovoltaic technology prices mean solar PV can plug Indonesia's energy gap. Indonesia's solar radiation stands at 4.8 kWh per sq.m. per day, however only a few MW of solar PV has been installed, according to IEA figures. The Indonesia Government is currently working to regulate the implementation of a feed in tariff mechanism for solar PV to accelerate the procurement of solar energy.


New utility to procure renewable energy projects
According to media reports, the Indonesian Government has expressed its intention to set up a new utility dedicated to procure electricity from renewable energy projects. The government is considering this measure after reports that the country’s main power utility, Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), is opposed to buying power from renewable energy projects due to the high costs involved in the exercise. The new utility would procure electricity from renewable energy projects and then supply to end users, including industry.


Enfinity continues its growth in Asia
Enfinity developed already several large PV solar projects in China, India and the Philippines and it is now looking into other Asian markets such as Indonesia.

“We aim to be one of the main solar PV developers in Indonesia”, says Gino Van Neer, CEO Enfinity Group. “The company is currently in the proces of securing potential sites for large scale solar PV plants. We want to be ready for the upcoming solar PV regulations in Indonesia”.


Indonesia Office:

Menara BCA 50th Floor
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1
Jakarta 10310 Indonesia
Tel : +62 (21) 2358 5785
Fax : +62 (21) 2358 4401
Email: info@enfinity.biz